3 Most Bizarre Casino Bets In The World

It is fair to say that bookers love to accept bets, any slight advantage over a competitor can have financial rewards, so it is not uncommon for the bookmaker to take advantage of a crisis. Creativity is essential here and some of the bets you can place are just weird. Of all the unpleasant betting topics, these must be the 3 strangest ones you will find.

Bet on nuclear war – especially in South Korea

Let’s start gently, you can bet where everyone’s favorite dictator, Kim Jong-Un, will travel. You can bet that the destination will be Guam, 2/1 for Tokyo to be 33/1 for Moscow, Beijing or London. Unfortunately we couldn’t find any quotes listed for Ibiza – you heard it here first! By sticking to the secret state, you can also bet on the method of removing him from his role as supreme commander. The sketch from 8/1 on the outside is Kim Jong-Un notifying him of the notification. His vision was that he had had enough, giving up and ending up working at McDonald’s in an appealing scenario, though unlikely.

So if resignation is unlikely, what would it be like to be overthrown in a coup? You can get a 5/1 chance for the people of North Korea to unite and overthrow Kim Jong-Un. The smallest chances are reserved for “he dies”, we all do it in the end and you can get 1/10 for the old man’s visit to Jong-Un’s drought to signal the end of his reign. If the dictator’s vacation bet or retirement plans are n’t weird enough for you , it gets more bizarre! It’s well documented that former NBA star Dennis Rodman is a “friend” of Jong-Un and you can get 33/1 proof that an NBA regulatory game will take place in the next ten years in North Korea.

The end is near – Give up all hope

How many times have you been told the world is over? It seems that every year, a group of people tell us that our days on this little stone are numbered and that we should prepare for the end. And guess what? You can bet on that!

So I’m not sure if we Brits should be happy, because it looks like we’re less likely to be ignored by Planet X. If you still think the world will end, but not by the hand of Planet X, then don’t worry. worry! You can still get a chance for the world to end. Worryingly, the world’s chances of ending in 2017 are 100/1, they survive this year and grow to 500/1 for the planet to be destroyed in 2018. Maybe there is some truth in this planet X, after all, reservations are rarely wrong . ! Obviously, dear reader, I must not emphasize the irony – if you won the bet, you would be dead! But don’t stop bookmakers from taking your money.

Bet on death – grandmother with 2/1 odds

The third on our list is certainly the strangest and, without a doubt, the sickest! In a new betting market that is developing in Taiwan, you can bet on the life expectancy of patients in hospitals . If the patient lasts less than a month, the bookings win. If the patient survives between one and six months, then you receive the bet three times (grandmother @ 2/1).

To participate in this twisted betting market, “customers” must pay a membership fee of approximately GBP 43 to join the game. Reservations then visit hospital beds to assess the patient’s chances of survival. Incredibly, it is often the patient’s family that places a bet at the bookmaker, and the money won is often used to bury the subject of the bet. It has also been reported that doctors and nurses earn extra income from this macabre activity. It makes you shake when you think the person treating you might plan to cash in if you’re crooked!

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